Claus and Diane Janzen
Working winter seasons at an upscale hotel/restaurant in Switzerland's Berner Oberland set young Claus on a collision course with fine wines from which he never recovered. After transplanting his
family from Winnipeg, Canada to Napa, he spent 12 years at Caymus, developing for that winery the most enviable international marketing operation in the Napa Valley. But Claus had viniculture ambitions of his own. A chance acquisition of some practically-discarded Sangiovese grapes in 1993 led to the first vintage of Bacio Divino.

An accomplished photographer and music freak, Claus remains, well after the Bud Grant years, a wretched devotee of the Minnesota Vikings.

By hosting elaborate wine dinners in Winnipeg, Diane fueled her husband's enophilia. For her sins, she is now the estate's manager of sales and consumer relations. And as editrix of the winery's propaganda, she seeks to keep a tight leash on Claus's verbal meanderings.

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